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  2. I do not know enough about him to judge either way. he seems to lose his temper at times but I think so would I under all those cams. its bound to be a strain . Although having said that he should be used to it by now.
  3. Ken is a loser and one of lifes wastes of space. Bet he's never done a days work in his life. Only God knows what she sees in him. JMO
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  5. Barbie seems very nice Im sure she is a very Honest and down to earth girl. Ken I am not sure of yet.
  6. 992519303_bandicam2021-10-2521-59-17-897.mp4
  7. Rina & Tasar have left the VHTV Project.
  8. Looks like some things haven't changed regarding members and girls apartments.
  9. Look out the ropes are out boy this takes me back in time. is the new girl a stayer I wonder
  10. Puna


    Look I know there are with girls on real life that are much more sexxy, and good looking. But, Leora is classic beauty she has the right amount of tits for her body shape. I feel so bad sometimes when she is masturbating's with that small vibrator I would just like to help her cum, maybe rubbing her "G" spot or kissing her nipples and clit. I just would like to help her cum.
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