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  2. Topic for Yuriko & Naruto. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartment.
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  5. It has been stated from other sources that Ada has left Alan. If there is any return for Alan at a later date, another Apartment Board will be created. This Apartment is now Archived.
  6. Ilka & Sam have departed the VHTV Project. They are now Archived.
  7. Chat Room!!! "we haven't had a real Chat Room in all most 4yrs or more!!! I thought it was suppose to be a fun place to go and visit.
  8. What happen to RLC, here it is 2021 and where still viewing the same lame shit and hired whores doing the same scripted sex shows that seem to turn on the same 4 members!!! Can we at least get something new for the members who have to put up with this shit. Lately this site has been off my menu and I just study the apartments with out all the BS comments, but like any other normal person I have to check and see whats said every now and then, and guest what "the same shit"...lol....there is really nothing funny about RLC but very sad. Due to the fact that real people are dying from the viru
  9. Hi It's been about a year since I have logged in and I'm having trouble posting stuff on general chat. This is a test post
  10. If anyone can read this, please help me post on general chat. I haven't been on here for about a year and things have changed a lot. Thank you

  11. Hello guys, been about a year since logged in. Been watching FG from first day. I think that girl is Zac daughter. I heard her calling him last night say daddy after listening to Zac and Luna having sex at door. Creepy
  12. I see that Kate, (previously or & Viki), has been a recent visitor. 'OK,now what? We're supposed to be entertaining them'
  13. 2/2. Maddy was sleeping off the previous night,meanwhile....
  14. Two parts.1/2 The couple pictured above have been staying for a few weeks,there have been plenty of same room sessions,but it's never strayed over the boundaries. This night they were all playing a board game that had dares involved. The session ended with a general free for all,other guy opted out?
  15. The blonde friend who has been visiting.
  16. Wot no post's? At least she makes an effort.
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