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  1. You are 100% dead wrong. You do not pay RLC just to see the girls. You pay the price of subscription to see what RLC offers you in return which is WHATEVER RLC and the girls/tenants want to let you view and hear (including the sounds of girls pissing, farting, shitting or puking). You are not entitled to anything but only what they choose to give. They can come and go as they please and shut cameras off if they see fit. They offer you a product and services in return for your money. If you don't like it then you can freely leave. As a subscriber you have zero say in how RLC/tenants live their so-called "real life" within the walls of the apartment/mansion. By the way, whatever the tenants do outside the dwelling is none of your business (that goes for subscribers and chatters). Buy or rent yourself a girl to get whatever you want but that is ONLY IF she wants to be controlled 24/7 by you. Amazing how some subscribers think they OWN the girls - LMFAO.
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  3. The participants locations vary from asleep in bed. Lazing or asleep in lounge area. They could be found lazing or sleeping on a day bed in kitchen if there is enough space. Beware of the sneaky snooze in a spare bedroom. If they are not asleep or lazing they can usually be found smoking in the Loggia areas. When not asleep the participants can be found glued to their mobile phones/laptops/PC's. Their activity of choice is binge watching tv shows via various streaming services. A popular choice for the hard of thinking or mortally stoned is cartoons. They graze on take-away foods in various parts of their apartments, this activity is not restricted to traditional areas such as a kitchen or dining area. Sometimes participants can be found engaged in the mating ritual or copulation. Unlike other animals who mate for procreation, these humans mate for fun & cash. A few of the participants will also stray way from their partner and shag anything that moves. This can happen when participants leave their apartment to visit other participants apartments,although not always. Again the location of said shagging is not restricted to traditional areas such as a bedroom, but can take place anywhere. Of course we are lucky to be able to watch these behaviours thanks to the numerous,(not very well) hidden cameras.
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  5. Long overdue for the girls
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  9. cyberleader

    Candy Red

    bandicam 2021-07-20 18-13-22-082.mp4
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  10. Always a good laugh, especially when telling the chatters how it really is lol. If everyone really did on a daily basis it would be carnage lol. Full of fantasists and bullshitters. You've done a skydive, they've done it blindfolded and hands tied behind their backs. πŸ˜‚
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  11. its from page 1 rule 1 of the rulebook
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  12. Gollom

    Rachel & Ross

    The beginning of that visit was interesting.......
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  13. I think the only way to improve RLC is to shut down this shitshow of a site. I think it became beyond shitshow level of utter crap.
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  14. Blast


    I was just wondering why so many chatters do seem to be all over the Barca vacation apartments as they have nothing to do with β€œreallife” cams. Just a bunch of loose girls that do it with everything with a pulse. That in sharp contrast of Mirukawa and Dantez where it is not sure if any of those two even have a pulse but that is another story. There are some apartments that are more in the voyeur corner but they look less popular , at least in the chat.
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  15. Plank

    Sunny, Markus, Angelo

    Remember this girl, one of the photo-shoot models from Agnia's place? Well she turned up at Sunny's place. Liberal application of the lube..... .....before a bit of anal. I don't think she was really into that,so on to some vag. He did a great job & she cums hard. Happy families.
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  16. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF RLC LATELY???? - funny you should ask. Does any of these gifs tell you what I think? - lol. Add Tag
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  17. Wizard

    RLC daily moments

    An absolute joke that RLC can not find new tenants. No real surprise the site has become tedious and unwatchable.
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  18. dougiestyle4u

    Fan Page Malia

    Watched some videos of Malia and Leora doing their fake lesbian masturbation to each other in the 69 position and other positions. What I really noticed was that Malia looks really bored of the whole thing. Either she would rather not play Leora's fake shows or would rather chow down and eat pussy, lick assholes and make good use of strapon dildos on each other. Actually feel bad for her since she would be a good candidate for some real bisexual sex. I could tell Leora over emphasizes the masturbation as if it is real - not fooling me. Two nice girls with good bodies totally wasted having pretend lesbian sex almost daily. Maybe one or both are scared to taste pussy because they might actually like it. Malia knows who the boss is so she follows Leora's directions in order to have all the comforts of "home".
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  19. dougiestyle4u


    Nice ass and boobies. Have more pics but THIS is called a voyeur tease specifically for non-participating members.
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  20. dougiestyle4u

    Jessi & Mars

    She is tall and skinny but has big perky firm young tits for her size. They will be awesome as she gets older. Have more pics of her but THIS is called a voyeur tease specifically for non-participating members.
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  24. The Dept. of Names are really taking the piss now aren't they. In case you have no idea, let me elucidate. πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ These colourful bundles of joy are 'Tinky Winky', 'Dipsy', 'LaLa' & 'Po'. They are characters from the UK's BBC Children's TV show Teletubbies. I am disappointed that there is no representation for my favourite, 'Noo Noo'. *Plank starts to bang head on wall repeatedly.
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  26. Vaz

    Presents For Tenants.

    For all the tenants. Give them one on arrival.
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  27. cyberleader

    Leya & Elliot

    bandicam 2021-07-22 18-04-50-538.mp4
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  28. Vaz

    Describe RLC In One Word

    Laughable. People going on vacation while on vacation.
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  29. cyberleader

    Rachel & Ross

    nude loafing
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  30. gilbert

    Fan Page Stella

    Welcome back Stella!!! The prettiest woman to ever grace RLC is back.
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  33. dougiestyle4u

    Rachel & Ross

    This couple sure follows the #1 rule " no clothes to be worn inside the apartment".
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  35. Scorpio 2.2

    The Chat Room!!

    "Promoters" πŸ˜‚. Do more damage than anything. Anyone reading their theories and so-called knowledge would think "fuck that" and watch Coronation Street instead. πŸ˜‚
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  37. So what's the ultimate BIG PRIZE? Some fake sex with Leora, I get to hold Marla's big boobs in my hand, I get to be the new owner/boss of the Chat Room or
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  38. WOW!!! I was wondering where these names derived from. So hilarious.
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