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M & H are away at the moment, and Vera is looking after the place. She is also enjoying dressing up in some of Mira's outfits. Create an account to

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1 hour ago, Plank said:

3/3 Round 2

M having a great time! H.....not so much?

Guest guy cums again.

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Mira is going to want this guy to visit again. Not sure if Henry's ego can handle that?

I agree, "she couldn't seem to keep her eye off of him."

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Mira is just a very horny girl that loves new cock and also pussy but I think she likes all the attention from others. She could be a nympho which is okay with me. Henry likes playing the field too but not sure how comfortable and strong they are as a couple while they suck and fuck others. Enjoy all the sex because this world is full of issues and sex is a good pastime. Too much sex partners can, in time, create problems though.

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This is all puzzling?
Maren & Karel's apartment goes offline, Mira commented that 'they are gone'.
Hours later Mira is hastily packing a bag.
Then M & K 's apartment is back on the menu stating 'a long vacation'?
Why am I not buying this?
Maybe because of the recent problems between Mira & Henry.
The fact that,when Henry is not in an alcoholic stupor, he prefers to get laid by Annika over at Maren's.
Who is looking after Maren's cats & Meerkat?
Or have they taken them with them and all gone to the vacation at the Upstate gang-fuck-suck and dope-in?

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