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Welcome Neia! 

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And to all the replayers: Replay on B2 is messed up to the point you can't find a thing, so go to 11:14 on cam #8 for a nice full frontal before the shower, her first shower from 11:15 to 11:24 and a short but sweet flash on cam #8 at 11:26:58. :wub:

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1st Neia receive a SMS from RLC staff earlier at 11h25 to connect the electrical socket of the lamp near the bathroom door

Neia received later a SMS from RLC staff and has reconnected night vision system for cam 7 8 9&10 at 13h27 apt time(sequence debut) very interesting to see Neia gestures

Neia also showed Victoria that she now knows how the night vision system camera works but it did not seem to interest Victoria

But neia seems very interested to know how cameras work in general.Neia have intentionally unplugging to test what this device was serving 

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I don't think that Neia is inclined to show much during her stay at B2. She's been exhibiting signs of being a bit of a neat freak, making sure that everything is just so. Anyone who straightens a bedspread to make sure there are no wrinkles prior to getting into bed is not about to lounge around nude. She is also always properly dressed while at B2. Too bad.

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Looks like Neia and Beatrice are going to have to entertain each other tonight,   Victoria looks like she has lost her best friend:-[ "most likely because of Renata"  Victoria seems not to have much energy lately.  Renata must be out blowing up her boyfriend "still trying to make up for her ass give away section with Victoria's boyfriend"  who ever she's with must be hard up, after seeing that most guys would have dumped her on the spot.8)

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