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Looks like there is a real social party going on at Carla and Yanai's today, "no nudity, no drugs, no one walking around showing their breast trying to get attention, no couple in another room waiting for the go to have sex for points,  and I am sure there not all going to try and pile up in the bathtub later tonight.  Carla and Yanai has always been RealLife people and still holds my screen.8) 

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I would bet Adrianna&Daniel had more sex in different places and positions than Alma&Stefan/Carla&Yanai put together. Let's not forget Adrianna masturbating and some of the best anal you w

Good point, Adrianna did give some great masturbation sets and she love to let us look up her ass while doing it on her knees too.   Those are some of the couples that I miss.   "Dam shame, we come fr

Adrianna and Daniel were a good couple and very genuine but if rumours are true they are moving on and progressing in life and all the best to them. 

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Apparently Carla & Yanai will be Quarantined for 14 Days. They both contacted the Coronavirus.  

It was just a matter of time before someone within the RLC Circuit brought it home. 

They skirted the Guidelines, No Masks or Social Distancing when they had Guests over. Who knows where they went when they leave the apartment.  Now lets see if they drive each other nuts for the next 14 Days.

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3 hours ago, Jenkins said:

I no longer see Carla and Yanai's apartment / name listed on the site.  Have they left or been removed permanently?  Will they return?  It may be odd, but I've enjoyed watching Carla since she was with Mario long ago.  She's the main reason that I visit the site.

They have left this apartment but RLC has not marked them as Left the Project on their Website.

Maybe they are just relocating to another apartment.   Only time will tell the tale.

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