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On 7/11/2020 at 10:51 PM, Scorpio 22 said:

Lasted long and what exactly did he do!! A mod should have been put in place months/years ago, and maybe the forum and chat especially wouldn't be in such a poor condition. 

We have two Mod's one's doing his job and do have the guts to let us know who he is, the other is using his control to do what he wants and when he wants....lol...especially behind others!!!  The Forum and Chat are not in poor condition, its being ran they way the head personal want it to be ran. LOL8)

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On 5/19/2020 at 8:47 PM, dougiestyle4u said:

Even Rob1 came back as a mod for a month or two and quit again. Lost cause. The Chat Room is for the "select" few. You have to talk their game AND be as "knowledgeable" as them - hahaha, so funny. Discussed.cc is comfortable with the closed door meetings in the Chat Room (commonly referred to as the Real Old Boys Club). Amazing how much the chatters enjoy easy women, druggies, abusers of all kinds and not so pretty ladies of the day and night. Chatters seem to expand their demands for only lesbians to being open to any kind of sex with anybody or anything. I guess a Barca girl taking a stroll down "shemale" lane will definitely be the talk of the town (Chat Room). Both RLC and the Chat Room mirror each other to the point of being brutal as fuck and not worth the time of day but are still well worth my two cents in badmouthing them.

Well one thing for sure, "you couldn't blame that one on the Forum"...lol...but I can say that the members in the Forum are doing much better then those who holds the master keys to the Chat Room.   I remember when all those who stood behind Rob1 blamed the Forum for losing members "it was obvious that those members was more worried about what was put up in the Forum then what was said in the Chat Room.   The Chat Room was all glory just as long as no one call any of those women whores...."but then again that's what most of the Chatters wanted them to act like....."another way of saying that's just entertainment...and Oh ya "FUN." LOL

We can sit and bitch about the Chat Room and Forum over and over again each and every month, but things aren't going to change, there is a new and private crew now who runs the Chat, and if your not on their level when it comes to thoughts and opinion you can kiss your ass good bye..."or most likely get talked over and ignored.   I am not going to down grade the Chat Room, I have had my say threw out the passing months and last two years, but I can say if members want other members to stick around and stay around "stop running the Chat as though they own it,  stop correcting every little thing they say about those so call ladies "just because you stayed up all fucking night doing your own personnel back ground checks on each and everyone of them and now that you have put their  personal information out there "you have fucked up a wet dream for some who really didn't give a fuck about what they do on the outside or where they came from or about some fucking Photo shoot on the outside."  I was told that the Chat Room was for all to speak freely and now that that bill has been passed "I guess the Forum has a say nothing about anything even though most in the Chat Room read and view our posters anyway."     I did congratulation Rob1 for wanting to fix what was not broken and over looked what really needed fixing, why he left I don't know.

Maybe one day both the Chat Room and the Forum well return back to normal again...."with out all the shit and so call want to be rulers" but I really wouldn't hold my breath on that one either seeing that the the COVID VIRUS may have done stop some of those old members from returning too, and for some money could be tighter then ever.8)


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