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1 hour ago, Qman1 said:

it seems like they do not even like each other, kind of boring now 

Their human Viagra "Viola" is gone!!!...lol goes to show they need help sexually in their relationship.  Maybe RLC should send them over to one of the Barc-apartments where the sex is free!!!...that's how they got started anyway, by being ponds. LOL8)

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Since Viola's departure Rus and Kylie's fame has gone down the drain like a few others.  Truly they have also been here much to long, but as a couple like the norm apartments they don't have guest to stop by.  I have also notice that their booze consumption has gone down too.8)

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I am going to reintegrate my last comment about these two again "they seem to have become bored with each other since Viiola's departure!!!"  They was once on top of the chart in the chat room, now you barely read anything about them.  I am sure after their time is up, they may not be back for a long long time unless it's in the B3 pawns apartment where they can be used like others when an apartment needs some points or viewers.   If anyone who should have been coming to see Gina at the B1 apartment, it should have been Rus and not Curly the male site whore...they where dam near into each others pants most of the time their last visit. LOL8)

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Rus and Kylie has left the project, "I am not surprised, they seemed bored most of the time since Viola left."   Seeing how bad this virus is, I believe that they where one of the safest couples in the project..."they didn't have people coming in and out of their apartment off the streets like most of the apartments are doing now."   Lets hope these two have a safe trip home and if RLC is still around maybe they well come back for good one day.8)

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They are long gone now so I can ask I guess …. 
what in gods name was wrong with them ??

I think they were never sober but also it looked like they were on crack or something, especially before / during sex. That never looked nice or remotely interesting but always awkward and on the edge of an anurism. And with things they needed to do to each other  but never really felt comfortable with … people who saw it know what I mean. 
That sneaking into the only closet or room without cams , one after another , several times during a night did give some stuff to think about. Maybe I got “louder with some powder”
One of the weirdest couples ever on show and although there was always something to look at , I do not miss them at all. 


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