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Two lumps,1/2.

A gathering with Stiffy,Polina the regular house guest in her lilac wig,Harley & Freddy and Alex.

The usual long drawn out evening,it took ages for H to get her bra off!

Then the mood changed.

F is aware of what's going on & doesn't seem to mind.

A & H go off to the lounge.

That awkward moment when you have to stop play to get condoms & permission to step on the pitch.

Looks like A & F have come to a gentleman's agreement.S has a large drink,his plans have just gone to shit.

F is left with P,but where is S?

For some reason he is bedding down in the lounge,despite H & A?

H is getting into it.

You're not fooling anyone mate!

Meanwhile in the bedroom.

H yodeling.

A desperate to cum,but can't.

After three rounds A & H bed down.

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As A & H were getting to the end of their third round,things were looking up in the bedroom.

F smashed away but couldn't reach the end,so they gave up.

Later F teaches P his favourite BJ/HJ technique.




Even after that & 40 mins there was still no reward for her work.

Everyone settled down,later H & F get the feedback.

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This rebranding of H & F seems to have taken their relationship in a different direction. Alex is a damn sight more experienced than Dough boy,and judging by the noise Harley was making,she loved it!

Does this mean there will be a return match with Anna & Freddy?

I look forward to that,Anna will destroy him !

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