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Wow, the daily bullshit in the Chat Room is on the run. Did dome chatters get tired of their own childish waste of time talk about the girlies? The long-time regular chatters took their bat and ball and left the park. The Chat Room seems to be limited to only a few hours of talk by even less chatters now (huh!!!). Reallifecamfan or discussed or xcamfan long-term members have left the forums and now the chat room. Amazing that this site Admin has done nothing to encourage old and new members to stay and hopefully participate. Absolutely no surveys, questionnaires or request for ideas as to how to improve this site. No PM's from Admin to regular members for suggestions or positive/negative comments about this site. Pretty much being run the same as RLC which is not good.

We have very good members trying their hardest to participate and add great posts (comments, topics, pics, gifs, videos, etc.) to keep this site alive but NO recognition (other than 'likes") or go-to for input on making this site popular like it was many years ago. We are voyeurs and the main reason why we registered. Are we not customers of this site. Don't they say "customers are always right". Why are we ignored and not being fully utilized to help this site grow? Just like RLC, xcamfan has a revolving door of subscribers/registered members in which members leave but replaced with newbies. This use to be okay but more participating members leave while any new members might join but don't participate. So, if their continues to be less to see in the forums and less chat variety of topics for discussions then where does that leave xcamfan in the short-term or future?

This leaves me -



completely puzzled or confused; perplexed.
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I believe that the die-hard chatters are still around, but don't participate in the chat due to the same old as lame conversations that go on daily.  I think that if the subject was changed most would come back, but seeing that there is only one subject and that's "Barc barc barc.....girls."   Change the subject and most that are in there now would leave due to the fact they no nothing else.   Although if your able to get into the Chat with out it being watched or someone is holding the door feel lucky but don't expect to last unless you down with the again "Barc girls."   I have to give one or two much credit for there success of being able to keep out those who had the chat room much more interesting then it is now.   Keep up the good work guys in the chat, and please don't for get "when signing off, leave someone to hold the door so others can't get in."LOL8)

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