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Amelie & Lucas

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This friend of Amelie's, known as Tanya has stayed a few times,she usually sleeps in the living room.

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The last few nights she has shared the bed with A & L.
Tonight it shifted up a gear with some kissing & stroking.

Lucas wanted it to go further but it fizzled out.

But this might be one to keep an eye on?

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I can't really describe this as a threesome,more like a two & a half-some. I suppose it does classify as a same room session?

But as the old adage goes, softly softly & all that.

Arms, legs & hands everywhere. This is looking good, unless of course we are being played for viewer figures.,which is highly likely. But we can hope.

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It fizzled out again after some discreet hand signals between A & L & everyone went to sleep.

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  • 2 weeks later...

There was another similar session last week,but I didn't bother to post anything as it went nowhere again.

Another session tonight followed along the same lines.

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Notice that both girls hands are involved there.

Lucas has previously tried to get Tanya the guest girl to touch his dick, Amelie has usually given him a signal to stop. This time Amelie encourages guest girl to reach.

I know this is not earth-shattering in the grand scheme of VHtv related stuff, but certainly is a positive move from this ménage à trois.

After some more kissing & massage it fizzled out again.



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The saga continues with a few 'first's'. In two parts. 1/2

Pants coming off.

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More hands on than normal.

L going down,never happened previously.

Tanya is off her side onto her back.

Seemed to be more uninhibited touching.

Guest girl Tanya getting to grips.

First time that's happened in front of guest.

You can have a taste.

Yeah another first




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Part 2/2

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That's a new one for these three.

L moving guest Tanya's hand.

L having a sneaky feel of Tanya.

Double trouble.

First time Tanya has been in this position & this far over the bed.

L has another grope.

We all know where we want this to go.

And she's thinking about it.

The question might have been asked?

Even though A is trying to keep it going,Tanya is tired and wants to sleep.

Fizzled out again,but it was getting close.





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