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Well, that's my premium subscription cancelled as of the 23rd March. Just logged on to RLC only to be greeted by an empty b1 ( again ) and just Angelina in b2. Have to say that when I first logged on it took me to Linda dancing in her underwear to some " Lets dance " type interactive thing on the tv. One of the sexiest things I've seen for ages.

Angelina needs to be praised for not allowing herself to be dragged into the sordid world which the rest of the b1 and b2 occupants seem to be inhabiting these days. I'm sure that I can find a better way to waste my time and money than subscribe to a site where most of the occupants of the two most popular apartments are clearly at their most active outside of the apartments with no energy or inclination when they finally arrive back at stupid o'clock-my time. And there was me looking forward to another bout of mind numbingly boring body painting!

Roll on the day that Irma departs - hopefully taking fatboy with her. Then maybe the barca apartments can get back on track.

There is a new English based RLC type website in the pipeline and, as I understand it, one of the features being considered is the option for members to vote on any tenants continued participation presumably based on popularity and performance. Another proposal is for members to vote for the next introduction from a list provided. What a f**king good idea! I wonder what results that would produce on RCL at the present time?

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