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Can somebody explain?


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I don't understand why people have been moaning ( perhaps fairly ) about the lack of decent activity in barca 1 and 2 and then, when something does happen - Irma/Stella - last night, they then start moaning that its fake and just for show.

Of course these shows are prearranged. pretty much everything that involves Irma is prearranged. For true spontaneity you need to look at Heidi's lesbian session which appears to have been a one off with some she met on a night out, or the Rebecca/ Megan part of the barca 2 adventures of last year. Last night was still a lot better than body painting or the stuff with Alex.

If you think back over the whole of Irma's current stay, she has been involved in pretty much all of the interesting events that have taken place which is the reason that she is there. Not everything has been to everybody's liking. I personally dislike it when Alex is involved intensely and there has been too much going on outside the apartment recently, but think about how it is likely to be when she leaves. Dependant on who the replacement is, who else is going to come up with the " goods " out of the current crop? All of the other girls have got their fans on here and they have all got their individual good points but there isn't that spark that Irma can create.

As I have said, the fact that I am not keen on Irma's involvement with Alex is an understatement, but there does tend to be a lot of conjecture and theories put forward by various people on here, particularly in the chat box, as to what their setup actually is from sugar daddy, to Alex is a pimp, to Irma is trying to pimp the other girls  etc. etc. a lot of which as absolutely no basis. As I have been writing this, there has been an absolute classic in the chat box where somebody " heard " a telephone conversation between Irma and Alex where Stella had offered to " do something " for several hundred euros. Cue 10 minutes of people making all sorts of derogatory comment about Irma.Turns out Stella was offering to buy an I pad from Alex! I mean, WTF! Because of the good and despite the not so good, I, for one, will be sad to see her go.

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