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New couple Veronica and Lucas.

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 They may turn out to be just a normal Barcelona young couple , NOT ; "  porn star want to be's " ;  having wild sex every moment they are in apartment  .  LOL .    Wait and see , you may grow to like them . Try to remember that  , ( EVERYONE can not be as wonderful as " ALMA") .

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In the past two days that I have watched this couple, they have been very interesting.  Lucas is one horny bastard.  I've seen them have sex 3 1/2 times.  I say 3 1/2 because, the 1/2 happened while he was lying behind her while she was watching something on her laptop.  He got inside her and was slowly fucking her for a while...then he began to speed up...I think he barely got in 5 or 6 strokes before it poked her too deep and made her cry out in pain and shove him away.  She started yelling at him and then he pulled completely away from her.  I only got a glimpse of his dick exiting her as he disengaged and turned over to go to sleep.  Later, she cuddled up to him, but he eventually woke up and brushed her off.  But, this morning, she made it up to him and let him fuck her before they got up.  Then, they cleaned and had a meal.  Afterwards, it was back on the bed and Lucas was straddling her face with his dick out of his shorts.  She sucked him for a while and then they had sex again (cowgirl and missionary).

Even more interesting was the small fight they had yesterday.  At first it was just an argument, but it kept growing and she grabbed at him and he roughly pushed her away. 

Very interesting couple...so far.

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well, let me say that it's more fantastic when couples do sex after certain actions.. In other words, it's very ordinary for a couple to start sex when the girl or the boy show their willingness to each other.. But it would have more suspense and excitement when they are pissed of or angry and they get back to each other in a certain way ..  

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