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The Balcony Myth!


Many of the tenants have left the view of the camera's eye to journey to that mysterious place known as the balcony. Then they return along with the birth of a mystery, which haunts our minds....what did they do out there?


This balcony is as elusive as the infamous "laundry room" in the girls' apartment.


Some have claimed that the tenants go to these places to hide from the camera, to do something sexual and leave us members tortured and wanting. Some have even claimed to have heard tenants having sex in these places. There was a wild and often stated claim on the CC Board when Adriana & Daniel first moved in to their apartment. How many times did they have sex out there? So many times, they say. But, there aren't any pics nor videos, where those sexual moans of pleasure can be heard. Perhaps, the tenants did go out onto the balcony for a smoke. We have seen many who have. Of course, the cigarettes and/or lighter in their hand suggest so. Or, and this is a stretch, maybe...just maybe, it was a nice day for going out on the balcony and sitting in the nice sun with a cool breezing blowing.


We may never know.

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Coming up with theories about what goes on out on the balconies is a good bit of fun. It is funny to think they go out there to be away from the cameras only to put themselves in a position to be seen by neighbours. Don't expect to be seeing any cameras out there though. Any outside images could be used to determine where the apartments are located.

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