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Who is the alpha male in these RLC apartments?


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Reading through most of the posts i realise that the male tenants are either lazy or sluggish! So there's less action in the bedrooms for their ladies. Question that comes to mind is who amongst those males makes love to their girlfriend better than most? 

you got the point cazoleno......all male tenants are disinterested except maybe? bogdan he is trying to comunicate.......the rest are lazy and boring.....in the bedroom they are trying to be something but the real thing are the female tenants......if not for their effort to entertain us i would never be here.....cheers mate

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Most of the guys here do not like Lev or Hector but these two seem to get the job done better than the others. Most of the other youngsters fuck like rabbits...fast to get their rocks off and to heck with their girl's needs. Most do not eat pussy very well and shoot their load too soon.

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Hmmm, you got me thinking about alpha males now - something I rarely do, me being a fully moisturised, Beckam-underpanted new man (sort of).  So, if we leave aside political correctness, with all it's tight-assed limitations, and consider our bunch of lads . . .

-Lev and Paul are not even in the running, for well-stated reasons

-Stepan, Demid and Daniel all make little impression, and guys - beardiness is so over and not a true sign on manliness!

-Nina and Kira we will excuse from this debate

-Mario is surely a contender, he has presence, so we can forgive him his bit of beardiness

-Santiago, we don't know so well, but he looks like he'd be handy in a scrap and wouldn't let you carry off his woman without a fight!

-Carina, Sabrina - the bigger girl with the big quiff in her hair gets and honorary mention

-Hector - yes, as has been said, too weird by far, would be easily swatted aside

-Bogdan - could've been a contender, but he just falls short in the charisma stakes

-Marek - looks like he'd handle a rumble-in-the-jungle all right, (and there's two of him so he's stand a better chance), but I did see him on his knees making romantic gestures to Jitka the other day, so an alpha gorilla would just trample all over him!


So, not much of a contest. is it.  I am forced to conclude that the only male who is supremely self-assertive, roams wild and free and has it all his own way is actually . . . . . . Leora's dog!  (and if it's not a male then this has all been a very sad waste of time)  Of course, he doesn't get laid (or does he?) while all those other wasters do!  Well, ma ole daddy did say life was a bitch (and that's on a good day).

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