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What else does Lev do !!

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Watching this prat always with his tablet nearly stuck to his face, how on earth can the two women always seem to be draped all over him. Plus he always seems to be nearer the sister than poor Zoya, she is always in the background. Lev is my least favourite guy on here. I wish Zoya would dump him and find a guy who treats her properly.

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These 2 were the reason i joined as i thought from the free screens i would see more when they went to bed...sadly i was wrong lol

Think I would pay money just to see less of Lev!  Although, in fairness, he seems a harmless enough sort of chappie - if you can get past the iPad addiction and the rug that he wears as a skirt!  (I might send him one of my kilts to wear - I'm Scottish)

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Would we need permission from RLC to have T-shorts made with 'Hi, I'm Lev, and I can't be arsed!' on them (oh, translation might be necessary - 'I really cannot be bothered doing anything')?    Or, if you're from Landin (translation, 'London, UK') it might be 'Lev it out willya?'  (trans. 'Could you possibly stop what you're doing')   Hows about a word for floating about doing nothing in particular - Levitation.

They told me a sense of humour would get me into anyone's knickers - they didn't say she might not still be in them when I got there!!

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