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Who else agrees with me on this?

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I am on a bit of a voyeur kick these days, and having watched the free cams for quite a while now, it seems to me that of all the vanity that exists on RLC Leora is the queen. She seems to be so in love with herself, staring at herself in the mirror and the way she touches her own body adoringly. very stuck up arrogant little slut. Anyone agree? I wouldn't even bother with her.

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That said she does spend time looking in the mirror alot but with a body like that, who could blame her?


Agreed, yes she is vain, yes she loves herself - so what!


She is playing the game here, she knows what she has to do in the apartment to keep the free rent and that is exactly what she is doing.  I think she is probably a lot smarter than a lot here give her credit for.


And think of the alternate - at least with Lenora you can guarantee to see 'something' most days, others could go a week without seeing a naked boob!

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Did someone noticed how "maniac" Leora seems to be, when comes cleaning time?

No one has ever seen her use, but it is believed she does some kind of drug (cc.net) that makes her race about with no rhyme or reason to her MANIACAL behavior. TO me, She truly does appear to be on 'speed'.  

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