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Where are the girls?

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It seems Nikki moved her boyfriend and and when told to get him out she refused. RLC shut them down.I'm not sure why Kiko can stay several days a week and screw up the apartment as far as the girls going around naked or scantly dressed but they are gone. The apartment has been a shit hole lately. The girls were seldom around so no big loss.

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why?? That's the only thing worth paying really ...


I agree. There is no longer any reason for me to remain a paying member of RLC. I still like some of the other tenants, but not enough to pay the high premium monthly fee. I'll just check back occasionally to see if they get anyone new that I'm willing to spend the money on.


I really miss seeing the interaction between Kamila and Kristy. They were so much fun to watch.

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I'm with you bookmaster8.  This apartment was the ONLY reason i spend money for premium viewing.  Personally, I believe RLC could possibly be revamping the apartment, upgrading contracts, installing more cameras etc etc.  Nikki showed that a large portion of the two story apartment was hidden,  Premium viewing, yeah right.  Have tried to get info but with zero luck, soooo, I will wait awhile and enjoy what I pay for in the not too distant future.  Sincerely believe it will come to pass and soon !!!!  

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