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dasha visiting Nelly??


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Once when N & B were having a get together (party) I saw Dasha use her phone and noticed that Zoya picked hers up at the same time. Lev had not yet returned from his holiday. Zoya changed clothes, left the apartment and showed up less than 5 minutes later at D & D's.  She did not seem very  comfortable there and only stayed for a short while. When she returned to her apartment it also took less than 5 minutes. If they don't live in the same complex they live very close. 

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Off topic but, I was surprised to see how small Zoya is, she is a couple inches shorter and much skinnier than Diana from Diana & Efim whom she seemed to know and spent most of the time talking with her. I always thought Diana was very petite. I think it is very cool that the people know, visit and support each other. I wish they did that more. Diana and Efim had a great show on the couch after the party. I do miss that couple and was happy to see them together again.

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Dasha and Demid had a party not to long ago and many of the invited guess were from RLC, took them less than 10min to arrive at Demid place after living their apartments.

Ja, and after that party I'm sure Dasher and Dimwit appeared at N&B's place for an afterparty.

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