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Since discovering this site 2 weeks ago, I have been giving some serious thought on making a valuable contribution to it, creating a legacy if you will,  leaving my mark here for perpetuity and have concluded that starting a thread and introducing some helpful words and phrases, for the blogger in a hurry, is probably the way to go.


For me there is nothing more frustrating than for Leora to be blowing Paul, only to realise that no one has commented in the shout box, you then rush to the shout box to comment that "Leora's blowing Paul in which ever room it is", only for him to have blown his load of man fat over his own belly, before you've finished typing "Leora's blowi".... you get my point, what I propose to do introduce words terms and phrases and their respective definitions, which can be used so you can both draw attention to what is going on and get back to the action ASAP.


(If nothing else I hope you find it funny as fuck and can add your own words with definitions).


Leora (Leoraing, Leorad)


To Leora, is to walk around your apartment in a state of undress, wearing at most a skimpy top and a pair of tiny panties or at least... nothing at all. The purpose of which is to elicit some form of reaction from an unwilling or uninterested sexual partner, who would rather solder, surf the web, or pick his various orifices rather than pay you any attention. A full on Leoraing, will additionally involve the wiggling of her ass or brushing of her breasts on him or even her covertly masturbating/ touching herself until he notices, when she will stop and carry on as though nothing has happened.


Usage in the shout box - "Hey! quick, Paul's getting Leora'd"

NOTE: as this happens so frequently no one will actually give a shit, and everyone will carry on chatting as though nothing has happened.


It should be noted that a Leoraing can have 2 possible outcomes... To be "Paul'd" or a "sympathy nosh".


Paul (Pauling, Pauled)


To Paul, is to exert an almost superhuman amount of will power, in ignoring and thus overcoming and successfully rebuffing a Leoraing. This is achieved through concentrating heavily on either web surfing, soldering, or orifice picking, trying ignore the pert young breasts with erect nipples or toned ass bouncing only inches from your nose. The reason for a Pauling, is that "fucking" is not a possible outcome of a Leoraing, in that any attempt to return the sexual advances will be met with a barrage of rebuffs and you having to wank yourself off into the bath (or was that Mario) to relieve the sexual tension. If a Pauling is completed successfully, she will bugger off, leave you alone and go and frig herself silly in another room. 


Usage in the shout box - "Hey! quick, Leora just got Pauled".

NOTE: See note above, no one will give a shit as this happens daily.


Sympathy Nosh


A Sympathy Nosh, is the only other outcome of a Leoraing and occurs on very rare occasions (only 5% of Leoraings result in a sympathy nosh) and refers to when a Leoraing is taken too far, she herself gets really horny and requires some form of sexual release. In these rare circumstances a sympathy nosh is offered and a blow job is given as a means of hardening his cock, to a non-flaccid state, in order that he may fuck her silly. Alas the sympathy nosh is not without its pitfalls and a tiny percentage (say 1%) result in a fucking, the other 99% result in him blowing his load prematurely in her mouth or more often, over his own belly; leaving her in a state of sexual tension and her frigging herself off in another room..


Usage in the shout box - "Hey! quick, Paul's getting a sympathy nosh"..

NOTE: In practice Paul has already blown his load by the time you've typed "Hey! quick, Pau..." in practice it is better to either type "sympathy nosh" (everyone will now know what this means) or ignore it as no-one really gives a shit.


I am working on some more and will upload in due course.


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Blanketing aka Blobbing


A Blanketing, usually occurs when (a somewhat shy) Demid, has retrieved the white, green, grey and black patterned blanket from the cupboard and is using it to attempt to conceal the hard fucking that he is meting out on Dasha. A Blanketing may also be referred to as a blobbing if it is successful, in that when Dasha and Demid are completely obscured by said blanket, when they writhe under the covers, it is akin to watching the "Blob" lollop and shudder along the pavement in the 50's (or was it 60's) horror film "The Blob" .


Usage in the shout box - "Hey! quick, Demid is Blanketing Dasha in the Lounge"

NOTE: There is never usually any hurry to report this in the shout box as these blanketings carry on for at least an hour and and everyone has usually noticed what is going on by then, not that there is anything to see anyway, unless the blanketing is unsuccessful.

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I have to agree; this is very entertaining. 


 THESE are the kinds of posts many would look for here.


  Besides just the posting nudies photos and videos, this type of post makes coming here more than fun. IT is something to look forward to; KINDA like the old funnies in the newspapers used to be.


  KEEP IT UP, Dazzan

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Alex, Alexing, Alexed (aka Sheldoning).


To Alex (also known as Sheldoning, due  to his uncanny likeness (from a distance, in night vision) to Dr Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory), is a term used to describe the act of sitting at the kitchen counter all day, surfing the web on a laptop, and doing fuck all else to entertain the RLC subscribers. A proper, nay a perfect Alex is achieved by covertly wanking whilst sitting at the counter whilst secretly surfing this very forum for the purpose of watching and downloading the naked pictures, minge selfies and masturbating videos of his flat mate Lera, ... who is actually his sister.


Usage in the shout box - "Hey! quick, check out Ale.." 

NOTE: Before you finish the sentence, you realise that no-one will give a shit, you will be alienated and ostracized by the other forum members and probably be banned for life for wasting peoples time... so instead you delete the post, close your laptop and thank god you stopped yourself just in time. 

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Carpet Licking


Not to be confused with carpet munching , rug munching or any other terms for lesbianism, Carpet Licking refers to the post coital actions of Masha and Sasha AFTER, one of their marathon sex sessions.. For the uninitiated their shags are formulaic in that he licks her out, she noshes his todger, they fuck hard and ultimately he fills her mouth with his gelatinous and copious load of man fat. 


After these sessions, one or both of them will lay on the grey carpet, toward the camera, head out of frame, with only their kicking and wigging feet visible. After careful study, I have concluded that they dislike the taste of each others sexual juices so much, that whilst out of shot, in order not to cause offence to the RLC viewers, they surreptitiously lick the carpet to try and get the salty and fishy taste out of their mouths. 

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