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Question about posting pics


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Hello Everyone,


    This may be a dumb question, but in my mind, hte only dumb question is the one not asked!!  When I'm on Shoutbox or in an individual thread, I don't have the ability to post a pic after my comment.  The menu options don't allow me to insert a pic.  Is that a rights thing?  Browser thing? Or just a process I missing?


    I'm using a Windows 10 machine with Chrome as my primary browser.  I do have IE and Firefox installed if I need to use either of them instead.


    Any assistance would be GREATLY Appreciated!!


PS...I also read somewhere that I should change my nic on here b4 posting caps?  The ID I use here is the same as my ID on RLC.  I think I also read that those 5 numbers/letters on the lower left side should also be wiped out before posting.  Can someone confirm?


Thanks again!!

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about your PS, I can confirm to you that it is highly recommended to crop images and vids to eliminate the 5 digits code specialy with payed cams stuff


for ur nic you better use one different from your rlc one,  you can PM B. T. R asking him to change it for you

in regards to this matter . i strongly advice any members that upload pics to gallery or forum . to use different email addresses for both sites, although we do our best to protect our members identities ie email addresses and ip adresses , RLC have unscrupolous ways of  obtaining certain details , , i use a fake email for here and  a different one for RLC . i also use a proxy ip adress everytime i sign in to either site . better be safe than sorry ,, i use gmail for making fake email addresses and i use 

 to change my I,P address to a proxy , RLC have been after my arse for ages , so far they havent been able to find me ,,,,,, as for uploading vids ,there is always the danger of leaving the hidden watermark (faint grey dots intermittently displayed on screen) in the vid , find a video editing software that allows you to cut/crop,frame by frame ,and delete the frames that have the dots in them , it is the only way to delete the dots . dont be fooled by software claiming to delete digital watermarks, they dont work,

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use the picture frame icon below the smiley icon in toolbar , select image you want to add to your comment right click on it then select copy image url,click that selection , then go to pic frame icon in toolbar click onit then right click select paste then click OK . hope this helped 

As usual...your attention to detail is comparable to none!!  SINCERELY Appreciated!!

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comment faire pour ajouter une video ?


un message apparait: You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file



how to add video ? a message appears:You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file




Si j'ai bien compris (désolé je comprends pas toujours l'anglais) pour poster une photos il faut changer d'abord l'adresse mail du compte RLCF?





First of all you need to get access to gallery by posting 30 relevants posts in the different forums, then to avoid getting banned by RLC ( if you are paying member) it's highly recommmended that you use a different email for RLCF , also before posting photos or videos you need to crop them and eliminate the 5 digits code.


@Quindy , tu dois d'abord avoir accès à la gallery en postant 30 posts conséqunents dans les différents forums et pour ne pas être banni par RLC, il est fortement recommandé d'utliser une adresse emeil différente pour RLCF, Pour finir , avant de poster des photos ou videos , edite les de façon à éliminer le code de 5 chiffres qui t'identifie chez RLC.

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Just to be clear, to post photos in the forums you need access to the gallery and to get access to the gallery you need to do 30 posts? *hoping this counts as one too then* lol


You can aleady post photos in the forum,  you need 30 posts for access to gallery. Hope this is clear now !

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