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Newbie with some questions ?


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So, HI! 

   I'm new to RLC and even newer to RLCF and I have a few bunch of questions about both I'm going to separate them by site.  I apologize in advance for how long this is going to be, I decided I would rather ask all of these newbie questions in one shot, and avoid annoying everyone by asking a new question every 10 minutes, essentially padding my post count (I like my posts to count for something, and since I am limited to 10/day I'd rather not burn through them when I can use one post to get it all out, cause you never know when I might find something I want to comment on 8)  )


  RLC:  1. Obviously the tenants of the RLC apartments know they are on camera 24/7, but is there any kind of indicator on the cameras to let them know that they are being watched on that camera at that moment, or do they just assume they are being watched on every camera all the time? 

 2a.  I've figured out from reading different threads that these people all live in the apartments rent free under contract; but do they have to pay utility bills or are they all covered too ? (I've noticed more than one set of tenants that leave their TV on all the time as well as leaving lights on in multiple rooms and never turn them off.  they've gotta have monster electric bills)  

 2b. do they get paid for their participation as well?  I'm guessing some of them have jobs but I've noticed some of them never seem to leave at all. 

 3. is there an RLC "personalities" bio page anywhere?  I'm asking this because it seems like some people have a lot more information about some of these people than what you can get from just watching the cams (unless you happen to be fluent in their language (which in most cases Im guessing is mostly Russian (or something else in that region)

4. Do the "producers" of RLC ever install more cameras or change camera locations to get more or better angles?  (asking because of certain apartments with too many blind spots or bad angles in certain rooms (or the need for some closer up views) 

 5. Are the couples actually couples or are they just randomly paired up with someone and told "you're going to live together on camera, and share a bed... and then just wait for the physical stuff to happen?  (in the case of Leora and Paul, I just don't buy it that they are in a real relationship.  I've barely seen him touch her (I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off), and I noticed that when he isn't home she tends to wear less or no clothing, but when he's home she's dressed all the time.  I've also noticed she seems to use the guest room for everything except to sleep (changing clothes, drying off and dressing after showering, putting on her lotions, creams and makeup...)  

 6. Does RLC keep track of how many hits or how much time each apartment or specific cameras are being watched in order to either a) reward those getting a lot of attention or B.) replace those that arent getting a lot of views?

7. (and final) Is the Girls Apartment always a home for 3, or have there been more than that living there at once? If more do they double up in rooms and/or share beds.  Or is there another bedroom that isn't currently in use or shown on the floor plan, like the mystical Laundry Room?



  and now the RLCF 1a. I've figured out from reading that you need 25 posts to access the gallery, is this also true of downloading video clips that are posted on the boards?

 1b.  If it is not the same for video clips can anyone tell me why I am only able to download 5-10% (maybe 20-30 seconds) of any of the videos no matter what browser I'm using? 


2.in regards to the gallery, is it all pictures in there or are there videos as well?


3.I see a lot of mention about past tenants (particuarly in the Girls Apartment)  but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot about them in the threads or archives (other than goodbye threads for most of them), is there media content of past tenants available in the gallery or is it all just current people?



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  I hope you are going to be as much a contributor as you are at being inquisitive.


   Many of the questions you've asked have been addressed somewhere within the forum; if you haven't read them, I encourage you to do so and familiarize yourself with those first.


  This forum is  built on a great bunch of people that dedicate themselves to accurate (SUMTIMES) information concerning the tenants and players on RealLifeCam.


  For now, I am going to approach each question you have with emphatic answers:


   1). Yes they are fully aware that the cameras are there. each camera is fully function at all times, (sic). It is apparent they advise the visitors they too are on camera, also.

   2) (a & b )     It is assumed that rlc pays all the bills they live rent free, as a reward for living normal lives; Not deterring from normal every day events. (some are more players and actors than other, obviously) The 3 girls apartment it seems they get an allotment for acting in front of the cameras.

   3).  NO!! ; the information you see and hear shared is mostly from veteran members on the forum researching them through television advertising and pizza boxes.

   4).  In the time I've been with the forum only ONE camera has been added to any of the apartments; the balcony cam in the girls apartment. and this was just added within the last 2 weeks. The camera angles only change if the tenants purposely move them or even occasionally cover them for privacy. (M&S covered one in the living room when Maya was very ill.)

    5). They are real life couples, many are actually married: Leora and Paul, Maya and Stepan, Adriana and Daniel, Dasha and Demid, are real married couples. the rest we feel are in lasting relationships. They appear for all intense and purpose to be real loving couples. We have seen real 'knock-downs' too.  Needless to say, these couples are no longer with the project. (You can find out more on them in the archives).

     6). We are not really aware of the inner working of rlc, however, it would appear, and be IN their best interest, to keep a traffic count on who is being watched and the influx of countless complaint e-mails from the paying members. This has been seen in some the the lesser fanned players, (Lera and Alex are prime examples).

     7). This apartment has always had a revolving door. From the very beginning, with the return of the infamous Nora and her leeching boyfriend, Kiko, it was discovered that Nora would 'Mother Hen" prospective models from Russia, a safe haven to rest and possibly increase their exposure to model agencies and  and other event venues. As for the floor plan; we can only see what rlc allows. There is speculation that there is more to each apartment than what is visible either on the layout or from view of the cameras.... some have even complain to rlc about the "hiding" and disappearing of tenants.


  Addressing your final comments;


        The Administrators of RealLifeCamFan.com have imposed that a required 25 'relevant', intelligent  posts be made to the forum to gain access to the gallery. This isn't as difficult as some make it out to be.

    Merely watch the tenants and respond intelligently, as you would in any in-depth conversation with someone about what you witness. Commenting, "NICE", "Thanks", Great" are not acceptable and actually shows an incredible level of stupidity and immaturity .

     We do get a lot of these posts, mostly from leeches and lurkers hoping to download the hard work of other great contributing members on the forum. We delete the comments, encourage them to post better thought out comments and if they continue to be childish, they meet with the inevitable 'Big Boot'. Texas style !


     RealLifeCamFan.com has a host Moderator ( hotwal )  with knowledge and expertise in uploading and downloading of the content contributed. 


        I encourage you to connect with him through Private messaging and through the Forum Boards.   Much information is already there.


        I hope I've answered your questions.... please, the staff of RealLifeCamFan.com, ask that you spend the time to read the posts in the forums; become familiar with the Moderators, Administrators and veteran members.


           They all have taken time to make this forum what it is today. AND we ask that you NOT take their contributions lightly.


   This forum is for F U N only. Have fun while you're here and  we ask that you become a valuable asset to the forum. 

   ANY and ALL problems within the forum are to be handled with the Moderators and Administrators through the Private Messaging system;           Do not make cases against other members  in the open forums.


    I look forward to seeing your posts, comments, videos and pictures.



                                                                                 toolmaker123 (Forum Admin)

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Just kiddin.  No but seriously, thank you for your answers, and the time it took to type them all out (and read my novel)  I will say that I do hope to be a contributing member of this community once I've figured everything out and have something to contribute!  I totally understand the reasoning for the 25 post rule, and I doubt I will have any problem hitting that mark, I just wasn't sure if the same rule applied to posted content in threads or not, thank you for directing me to hotwal for my technical questions, I've tried downloading multiple videos some of them 4-5 times each, always with the same result.  I normally do dig as deep into forums as possible to get the info I'm looking for, It may have been because I was too A.D.D. with all the visual distractions, or if it was because I kept reading other things that peaked my interest and allowed myself to get side tracked, or possibly because I was just too impatient to get certain answers... as I said though, once I get comfortable and familiar with the way things are done here I'll ask less and contribute more!  


  Thanks again for your answers! 

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