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auctions & serious fetish enquiry


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Everybody got a fetish. Many ppl know about auctions at ebay.com or ebanned.net .  (search and look for used socks, shoes whatever)

It would be fantastic if our famous residents would sell some fan items.

Worn clothing, signed posters, whatever. I would be interested in worn footwear ;)

They could earn extra $$$ and even rlc could get some extra $$$

How about that? I' am serious about my enquiry!


Happy holidays everybody! Life can be so funny!


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Nope, I already tried this, but it seems they do not know and do not understand how much money can be made with such things and how much happiness it will bring to the buyer... 

or whatever, i tried it and they replied... like some hotline agent ... unfortunately ..... bla bla  .... anyway i tried it.... and I' m sure other sites like rlc or mayb rlc will do it it future, I' m sure that this can happen, at least just beacuse of the money , you know what i mean ;)

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