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I'll start with:



A hobby is an activity, interest, enthusiasm, or pastime that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, typically done during one's one time-



I though it would be nice to know what we like to do in our spare time, maybe we could talk about different things and know ourselves better.


So we could share experiences and help more members in a decision, as it can be a purchase of a gadget.


I'll start with myself and feel free to ask me anything about it!:

  • I spent a lot of free time playing PC games, i really like it and have invested in a nice PC that should give a few years of joy that i build myself.
  • I like to build pc's for friends and family.
  • I like photography, i stopped doing a bit but whenever I go somewhere different I take the camera.
  • My gf recently bought me my first drone online. a small one 23 € with 5 extra batt's. I have friends that have those fast expensives drones made of carbon fiber and i wan't to try it.
  • I have two guitars, electric and spanish one. This is a hobby i would like to pick again.

So, feel free to comment, i can also tell you i work as a Servicedesk techinician 24x7 hiigh availability systems and monitoring them.


What are your hobbies?



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Is strange that no comments here. Talk about hobbies is very interesting.


My first passion are videogames. I have a PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 64 and muy PC, of course. When I'm not in university, I stay hours and hours playing videogames. 


I love music too, specially Michael Jackson. I'm really fan of the King of Pop, I have all discography and I listen in my PC or PS3 when I'm studying.


I play League of Legends, It is one of my sins.


I also like to write, write thoughts, stories or just what happened to me in the day.


These are some of my hobbies... :D



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Executive chef by trade


Love to cook at home also.


I also like to repair computers, cell phones, and other electronic gear.  AT&T used to send iphone customers to me instead of apple because my prices were better.  lol


I like to draw in my spare time, and go fishing every weekend during the summer

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Playing games and watching shows on the computer, have way to much shows to watch and to little time to watch them all :P

Writing for a local newspaper and snapping pics for them.

building and servicing computers when i feel like it.

Fly fishing, love to go do that to relax, well fishing in general but theres something special about fly fishing.

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