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swallow or not!!

kaiser sausée

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still wtf.. what you are saying dont make any sense are you trying to say has any of the male members on rlc fan tasted there oun cum ...if so i will start by saying no and never want to


and when you say the question is simple..i beg to differ..

I rephrase !!! you know what a taste sperm, before inposer your partner ???

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276 readings, and nobody would have understood my point ??

Pretty sure I know what your trying to say bud... If your a muff diver then yes I've tasted female semen.. Can't say that about the male semen... a lot of guy's will kiss their mates after a blow job so I'd say, yea some have tasted their own if she never swallowed all of it.....lol... Most guys, and I'm sure I'll have plenty of backers on this point... Don't care, as long as they get the BJ if she swallows, it's a bonus.... Basicly a turn on and a fetish for some... Just ask FootBoy....lol.. :) :)

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