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RLC ! you should read this topic(we know you visit here)


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YOU really need to rethink your format for the all girls appartment , ie: the length of time they stay in the project , i understand visas are a stumbling point but surely it would be more profitable to get girls to stay at least 3 months+, just when members are getting used to a certain girl ,you change them , Members are not as thick as you might believe they are , we now know that the girls are only temporary and in most cases they stay 1 month ,so lets say it takes a girl 2 weeks to settle in that leaves 2 weeks to watch them and pay your premium membership. if you dont think you can change the format of the girls appartment , There is one thing you can change and thats the length of memberships , why not offer a weekly membership , then members who are only signing up mainly for the girls appartment ,wont get the feeling of being ripped off , along with this i am sure you would get more members in the end run and they wouldnt be so negative about being fleeced .  i could go into the issues of lack of communication between the members and RLC , but that is another topic for the future 

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What I think is the members in the girls apartment are told when to leave given a 1 week 2 week notice but it could be their visas or they just wanna leave

The reason why I put this point across is they all seem to leave around the same time 1 to 2 months a bit of a pattern forming there

As for the odd few such as Nora who stayed for about 8 months,Rita 3 months,Ilona moving on to 3 months,Monica 24 days and mia anyone remember mia she stayed for about 3 days

Apart from that everyone else stayed for 1 to 2 months

I am sure others can add more but that's a start

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you realy think they are going to listen to any bodys views... no chance..they dont give shit what we all think

it needs all of us who subscribe to rlc to maybe cancel sub for 1 week and just watch the free cams they are not going to listen becuse

once they do one thing for us they will be expected to do other things..and that will scare them but this is only what i think ..and i hope i am wrong so come on rlc do some thing to supprise us all xxxxxxxxxxx

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