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Your least favourite couple


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Taya and Yarek.never new them as tenants but going back through previous tenants the way he treated her was disgusting, you never abuse a person in that way and a permanent jail sentence would be to good for him as he will continue doing these types of acts.


Current tenants would be just Paul all he does is sit by the table and has no or little interest in Leora and next would be Lev as he just vegetates on the sofa also showing less than little interest in zoya, all I can say is what's wrong with these men

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Current least faviourte couple suzan & hector I seem to have a strong hate against hector he looks cocky and hard and not someone I would get along with in the real world as for Suzan there is nothing wrong with her she just looks a bit ugly to me but that's my opinion.

Former least faviourte couple lera and Alex I can think of many reasons to last a hole year but the main reason is you never did see Alex I was not sure who Alex was there was about 3 of them they never had sex if she did lets be honest she would of had sex with 3 dudes lol. however lera did have a great body ashame she didn't get naked a lot more she only got naked in the shower to have a wash but boy she had a great body

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I just joined here and RLC last year so my least favorite so far has to be D&D...they are really just to "hot an cold".  When they're "hot" and sexually active, it's under the covers.  All you see is Dasha in the shower.  When they're cold...nada...boring viewing and it realy doesn't seem like there's much personality.

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Guest MarkB89


Current tenants would be just Paul

And the saddest thing of too less action in that apartment is that he has the hottest girl (not in everyone's opinion, of course).

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