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Warning for the Administers of RLC Fan.com.  There may be malware attached to the fan pages.  It pops up on Windows 10 when the Gallery or Threads are opened.  I have encountered it from 2 totally seperate computers that are not linked in any manner.  It does not seem to get thru Nortons antivirus on computers that are using Windows 7. 


It is a scam warning with the telephone number 1-855-472-9850 supposedly from Microsoft.  Windows 10 is suppose to stop all malware/viruses on its own.  It is not doing a very good job. 


I thought that the Administration might also want to know about this so that it can be corrected on their end as more and more people will be getting Windows 10 and run into this problem.  It can be removed.  See the internet and look up "Microsoft 1-855-472-9850".  It explains how based off of your computer.

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Update!  From what we are able to figure out, it appears that the malware is actually coming from a secondary web page that reallifecamfan.com may redirect to as an ad page.  Another words you click on the Chloe & Joshua fan Thread in the forum and the site redirects you to an ad page prior to seeing the thread. The malware seems to be attached to that ad page and not the RLC Fan site. 


I am not expert and I am not trying to point fingers.  All I am trying to do is alert Administration so they can look into it and avoid upset clientele.

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I'm getting it also and have Windows 10... I have Kaspersky and it went right through it the first time.. Had to take the laptop to the shop and have the "scareware" wiped off for $75. Kaspersky and Windows seem to have adapted and now it's being blocked, but it's still there trying to get in.

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