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My thoughts on the apartments...


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Can we have some more like Beatriz and Santiago?  It was nice to see a little flavor change from all the anorexic skinny girls.  Live and have sex with a larger woman and you will never go back to skinny, bony women.  What is the matter with bigger women, there is a lot of sexy beautiful women out there.  And they don't all have to be under twenty-five to be attractive.


And I enjoyed Katka and Lenka while they were here...  women a little older than most on here and maybe a bit heavier than the young kids.  

I would enjoy seeing more like this to add to the variety on the site!  Everyone isn't in the late teens or early twenties!  Variety is the spice of life!  I believe these additions to the site will stimulate your membership.  Not everyone will like it but there are plenty of apartments for them to view!  


And I can suggest a couple of apartments to begin with on swapping people out!  First, Danaya and Adele.  Second Maya and Stepan.  Third Carla and Mario.  Just my thoughts...


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there cant be that many on hear that agree with you about fuller woman..or you would have had more coments

i myself prefer skinny woman nelly zoya dasha there is no fuller woman on this planet i can think of that come any where near

but that is only my appinion it takes all sorts to satisfy every every one the world would be a boring place if every body liked the same thing

so you might get your wish ...but i hope not lol

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@ temp -

You do realize that this site doesn't have any bearing on RLC. This is just a fan made site. 

PLEASE don't try to be a Moderator; you're not too good at it.


       THIS site has everything to do with RealLifeCam.com.


 ALSO, IT's not believed the creator of this forum would appreciate you saying it is 'fan made'. 

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Well as far as "THIS site has everything to do with RealLifeCam.com." Why is it referred to as a Fan Site and Fan Forum? 

second post where BTR stated (about you) "...in all parts of this fan forum..."

First post where BTR states "...RLC have given us some freedom in posting pics etc from there site..."

First post where BTR states ",but remember we are a fan site of RLC"

And as far as "PLEASE don't try to be a Moderator" - I'm not trying to be "moderator" just a helpful paid member of this forum who has read 65% of the forums.

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