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language translation to english


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Is there one or a few resources that we can go to on reallifecamfan who can translate what is being said in whatever language they are using?

Some of it, as in the videos, can be boring but some should be interesting.

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I appreciate the translations very much.  However, the RLC agents will come on and try to refute or discredit any attempt translation attempt under the guise that it puts the tenants at risk of stalkers.  Kami is a good example of how much she revealed that they do not want you to know. They are attempting to re-brand her in the new apartment after translators revealed her conversations with kristy in the old apartments. Now, as a result, there are new rules even on this forum about what you can talk about.  Whether is serves the purpose of RLC to know what is being said or not, I certainly believe subscribers need not be denied the opportunity to know what is being said.

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I can appreciate the sentiments about not revealing too much about their outside lives, but surely, if the tenants have any "nouse" at all, they would know that everything they say is audible to the viewers.  It doesn't matter if they are not speaking English or Spanish - there are many different language speakers on this forum who know exactly what is being said.


In which case, surely you would not sit in front of a camera/microphone and divulge personal information.  If Kami made that mistake, RLC should have warned her early in the piece about people listening and understanding what is said.


I read that in the girl's apartment, one of the tenants introduced a new girl by saying"It's OK, no-one understands the language anyway" What a blunder!! At least Adele and Danaya (and to a certain extent Kami and Kristy) whisper to each other when they don't want to be overheard (or go to a non-audio room).


Commonsense I would have thought.  Why is RLC trying to ban translations?  Warn your tenants, not take it out on your paying clients!!!

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