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Although I understand what you say, this is a voyeur website. The tenants expose themselves like this to the entire world. It attracts people who like to do more than just watching the screen. And just like other "famous" people, you get stalkers. If you don't want that then don't flash your tits and vagina to the world.


But that's just my opinion.

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i think what scotsman84 is saying there are a lot of ppl doing to much research on some of the tenants. in other words if some of them had passports they would be on next flight . my opinion ..it is these stalkers that spoil it for all the rest of us. i for one enjoy visiting rlc and also enjoy this site i enjoy this site more than rlc itself .you get some really funny assumptions from ppl about tenants . god knows where they get them from.what is wrong with ppl why do they need to know as many details about tenants.when you sign up to rlc you sign up to watch couples living /or trying to live normal lives .if thats what you want to call it  so stalkers f*ck off and stop spoiling it for every body els.it will end in getting yourself banned .and rightly so. then what would would you do all day

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