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why do they never come back?


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here is a list of apartments.

alina and anton's apartment.

leora and paul's old apartment.

nora and kiko's apartment.

beatriz and santiago's apartment.

do you guys have any idea why some apartments on rlc never come back and just disappear all of a sudden? i understand the old apartments leaving that have been on rlc for years but sometimes the new apartments leave aswell.

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maybe rlc rent the app on a 12 month contract ? and if tenants move out say after 7 months by the time they find other tenants to move in its not worth it for a few months.. so they give it up .


or the ppl rlc rent the app off have not been told what the app is going to be used for ? and some how they find out and terminate the cntract immediately that might be why some tenants just disappear all of a sudden then they would not let that app out to them again rlc has not told me this i made it up myself lol so if i am wrong ..i have no idea why ? 

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In most cases the answer always comes down to Money.  What the apartments cost to maintain verses the returns.  RlC may have gotten better deals else where, better locations.  Also a couple of the older apartments were very small and had bad camera angles as a result.  EX--Nora and Kikos was terrible.  But who really knows, termites(really big ones)  might have just eaten the buildings.

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Booffer69 you misread the question. The question was why do some of the apartments not come back not the tenants well I guess the same could be said about the apartments I never have a good word to say about them apartments lol.

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