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Tonight RLC video streaming has changed to Flowplayer from Flash player. Now when switching views / cameras there are three dots while connecting rather than the circular arrow.


With Opera this does not work for me unless Turbo Mode is turned off. Firefox seems OK and Puffin browser for Android still works.


I wonder why the change and what the future implications might be?

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On Android, my with Puffing browser, it does not wor. 

Do you have modified any parameter? 


Look here to the Flash thread



and my post there



For me I'm sure it worked ' out of the box '. I changed the settings purely to get the best quality.

My Asus tablet has Android 4.4.2 and I don't think there will ever be an update / upgrade to 5.x


I had installed the modified flash player 10 first so don't know if that is a pre-requisite or not.



To keep things together I suggest best to post any further comments in the Flash thread rather than here.

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Earlier I only quickly checked if on my tablet Puffin was working.


I have now found a glitch.  While it is possible to zoom the live camera on the screen that is still low resolution. For me the full screen button does not work. It did with flash player.





In settings have you got ' Request Desktop Site ' selected? If you have not RLC will not load.

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Am running Windows 10 and Edge,Chrome and Maxthon browser all seem to work ok with this new Flowplayer.

Having said that i have found that sometimes the cams are slower to load up,not all the time but quite often.

I have also thought that the cam pictures do seem to be slightly sharper but whether that is just me being hopeful lol.

Have also noticed that even when a cam is loaded the pictures often takes a second or so to fully focus.


The reason for using it now is that this is the HTML5 format now as Flash has now been dropped. 

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For me sometimes the loading seems faster and other times slower but this has always happened so perhaps down to the RLC system rather than the viewers system and browser / video plug-in. I have thought the video looks crisper at least on some cameras e.g. kitchen of V, E & R and wondered if the bandwidth is now higher.


The issue I still have, as per the 4th post

, is not being able to make a camera go full screen on my tablet using Puffin, which is the only browser I have found to work at all for RLC since Flashfox is not compatible with Intel Atom processors.

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The main changes i've noticed is positive and negative. Positive in the fact that it seems quicker to change cameras in the apartment you are in at the time, but negative in the fact the picture goes black all of a sudden at times, and you have to reload the page to get it back. But in general things seem pretty similar.

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Well i think this Flowplayer is crap and seems to be getting worse.

Longer delays on cam loading and then the screen often comes up a black blank screen and you have to click the cam again to load.

It's impossible now to follow people around as by the time the fucking cams loaded they have either moved to a different room or finished what they were doing.

Added to that when they do load the picture seems to start off all blurry or treble and quadruple images before it settles down.

I sincerely hope it gets updated soon as what with that and that bearded cunt fucking up the girls apartment when my sub runs out end of this month unless something drastically changes i shall be taking a break and joining the freeloaders.

Thank you RLC for fucking everything up. >:(

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