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Anezka crying a river

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maybe he hit her?


I have seen him be very tender with her. He even holds her protectively when they sleep. At worst he seems bored with her, but not angry. I seriously doubt he hits her, though her bruises have made me wonder.

The first night I joined I saw her sobbing while drinking liquor from the bottle in the tub. She had a couple nasty bruises on her thighs and butt, which have already healed for the most part. I was really turned off by the whole thing because I suspected she'd been beaten. But then Karel joined her in the tub and helped her wash her hair and her back while talking and singing to her. Once he had her smiling again, they went to bed and held each other. I want to think he is a nice guy who is taking good care of her while she's going through a hard time. 

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No nothing physical and last time i seen her cry she was on the phone also , not load speaking as one might during an argument  just really crying . Don't understand the language so have no indication why .  She seems to have a pleasant personalty and is a very good looking girl . 

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Someone's crying while at the phone. Come on guys, just think of what news she could've got to break out in tears. Someone died perhaps? Speculations, leave them be.

I actually like what's going on in that appartment now. It feels a lot more vivid than it did with the couples before.

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