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If you we're brother/sister of a fem tenant who would you be happy for them to be with?

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I agree Bogdan is a nice bloke but put her in Bogdan's apartment and you would get Efim sniffing around.


The girls house has become pretty much a guarantee of no sex.    Rita has shown you can stay covered up pretty much all the time.   And she could learn Spanish while there.

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id also have to agree i think Bogdan would be ok iv never seen him act like an ass to Nelly or anything like that . but i think iv seen his eye wonder a few times at one of the female guests ..but hey hes a guy at leaste hes looks around i think id rather my sister be with a real man instead of a pansy ass limp dick like beardo or a useless piece of crap like Lev he needs to get a fuckin job n stop being a douch bag uninteresting moron more interested in that game than his woman !!

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