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Need an identifier!!

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I wasn't too sure on where to place this topic, technically I guess it should be in the Suggestions folder but in reality, this is a rant so hence I put it here ....


Anyway, this is a request to the great and powerful BTR.  Next time you get whoever to add some new bling to this site, would it be possible to add an icon or something to a member's name to indicate whether they are paid members of RLC or not?  Can be a voluntary thing I guess, to be able to be turned on or off via Profile edit.


The reason:  so when I am reading a post or something in the shout box and some brain dead idiot is demanding everything I can quickly and discretely check to see if he is an actual paid member of RLC.  So sick and tired of people here demanding everything yet not willing to pay for the service.  I guess these mental giants expect RLC to be a charity and provide everything for zero cost.  Every day it seems someone is asking for more free rooms or bitching about something not happening in the girls apartment simply because they can't see it on the blurred thumbnails.  Or jumping into the Shout Box and asking for passwords or pictures.


Sorry, rant over, just fed up with those complaining that have no right to complain.

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