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no lies

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hi nicechumley here ok lets be honost here no lies no bullshit im just curious has anyone ever seen any of the people in the apts anywhere outside in the public,store or shopping driving etc..just wondering

Not much chance of seeing them here in the USA;


        There would ONLY be one who would have any remote chance of seeing any of the players from RealLifeCam.com. You are welcome to guess, BUT do not reveal your guesses in the OPEN FORUMS..........  revealed guesses will be IMMEDIATELY deleted.

      If they want to expose themselfs, so be.

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Definitely I will be wishing to meet by chance one of the RLC tenants if I go to Barcelona. Could be quite interesting for both sides if that happen and I say hi to them  ;D

well the only interesting thing that would be happening is that the appartment would be shut down and you never see them again. RLC take this very seriously

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Think i seen D&D at my local ASDA last week lol but couldn't understand a fucking word they were saying lol

i thought i saw dasha buying a pair of shorts .. then i realized it wasunt as shes still got loads of life in the old ones yet.

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