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   Please use discretion when commenting to others AND within the forum topics; BE kindly; don't use derogatory comments, refrain from offensive name calling, AND the use of phrases that might offend someone's spiritual beliefs, (Blasphemy). 


        Act and speak as though your mother is present. Everyone has one of these and I ask that you act accordingly.


       Talk to others as you'd like to be talked to; 


         BE Intelligent, even if you are NOT!


  Because RealLifeCam.com is in a transitional stage, I have asked the Moderators to BECOME much more lenient with the conversations and allowing a bit more harsh comments to be posted.  

     We know that changes are difficult for some and we will work through the changes.  We have  members that have made more spectacle of themselves and we are dealing with them as of now. 

         Some may not be here tomorrow, because of the way they conduct themselves within RealLifeCamFan.com.


         TOO  bad too, cause some made valued contributions to the forum in the past, but they take opinions of others as offending comments about the tenants, and feel they are responsible for single-handedly defending the integrity of the players on RealLifeCam.com.


        This is an opinion forum; your opinion is just as welcome as the next guy's.........AND we are here only for the ENTERTAINMENT quality. NOT to  begin personal wars.

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