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Fantasy Contest: RLC Viewer to Win 48 Hours in Dwelling of His or Her Choice


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This is a fantasy (hypothetical - not real) contest.


If RLC were to hold a contest which would provide for free transportation and lodging of one premium member to spend 48 hours in one of the apartments, and, the dwellers of that apartment would interact amicably with you...which apartment would you select?

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That would be a tough choice, my first thought would be the 3 ladies apt, that would be 48 hours to remember. And since this is all fantasy of course they would all have their way with me together and one at a time...


Or maybe I would pick Leora and what's his name. She is so fucking hot and seems to be horny 24/7 so it's not like what's his name wouldn't still get his...


But in the end it would have to be Kamila and Kristy's place. Those two are so hot, and it wouldn't bother me that they don't play together what so ever...Oh wait I forgot this is fantasy.... We would all be naked the entire time having the best time in every room in the apt. I would watch them pleasing each other until I couldn't stand it any longer and jump in on the fun again. Only stopping to have something to eat and a shower every so often...If her BF showed up we would act like nobody was home... He could get more when my dream wss over... 

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The only problem with the fantasy is I, and probably a substantial percentage of this group, am too old to make it worthwhile and would need to be sure my wills and things are in order before I leave. If I could be 35 years younger (and be a little more well endowed) I would have to go with Nelly and Bogdan. They appear to be pretty likable and Nelly is drop dead (pun intended) beautiful. If I could put Paul in suspended animation for the entire time I would probably go with Leora,

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