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Youtube vlogs vs RLC


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Before discovering RLC I was subscribed to a couple of youtube daily vloggers. Vloggers give an insight of their personal lives by filming pretty much everything in their homes and take you anywhere they go. Vacations, supermarket, clubs, gym, you name it. They speak directly into the camera which gives you an illusion that their speaking to you personally. You know their names, their ages, their background which contributes to you bonding with them. Compare to RLC, vlogs are edited and the vloggers chooses what he wants you to see. This means that you dont always get a candid view of their lives. Fights, nudity, sex, etc. are rarely shown. RLC is completely unscripted en uncensored. What you see is what you get, yet you don't really know the tenants. You don't know their real names, their background, their hobbies, what they do outside of the apartment. And 99,9% of the times it's extremely boring 


Wouldn't it be really cool if a youtube vlogger couple takes residence in one of the apartments? You'll get the cake and eat it too.  

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maya and stepans. real names in english ..mary and steven


leora and paul .is leora and paul


dasha and demid . is ah sad and dim ed


masha and sasha are part of the boiled potato family


i cant lie i made thease names up lol


what difference does it make noing real names ..or made up names


i would rather know .zoya and lev. rather than zoyaliavchsoski and leveloskavich


i think they choos there own names.toomany stalkers to use own names

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