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Tan lines

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Hi all


I think this is where this thread should be!


In all the time I have watched rlc i can't understand why some residents have tan lines.  This is more reference to girls like leora and Irma who will quite happily walk around the apartment nude with all of us watching yet they don't tan nude in the sunbed or at the nude beach..


I have never been to a nude beach but I would think that you have more eyes watching you on rlc than at a nude beach...


What does everyone think??

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Sunbathing naked on your balcony would be an act of public harassment in Russia, aswell as in many other countries, especially the european ones. So why risk that?

Also think about it this way: When you're in your apartment there's no direct contact with people. You'd rather have the "Whoever watches this, will never get to know me " sort of feeling and eventually you stop thinking about it. And I think that's about it.


(Also there's no beach where L&P live) ;)

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Box_Hunter, there is a big difference between knowing you have a whole bunch of people watching you remotely on cam and having meerkats and sleazebags hassle you at a beach in person.  Also, although nudity isn't frowned upon in Russia or Spain, we con't know if there is a suitable beach where Leora, Irma and co go to.  Add to the fact they may like the idea of having tan lines, a lot of guys here have expressed their liking of them.

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Guidance for beach etiquette:


Topless bathing - the rule is on any beach the only topless bathers will be wrinkly and over 50


Women over 40 - no one will look if you drop the towel while changing


Overweight women over 40 - no one will look anyway


Young fit women - always cover up because voyeurs will be watching


Beautiful women - surround yourself with friends relatives and lovers when undressing so they can admire you while preventing others


Men - for heavens sake cover up and stop flourishing the meat and two veg


Old men - stay away or you'll be accused of perving (rightly)


Sunbathing in Scotland - always wear an overcoat and two underlayers even if it look as though the sun is out  

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Ha Ha - I like it - many a true word spoken in jest.

In the UK over the years there has been a significant decline. 20+ years ago at Bournemouth, Brighton in particular on a decent day there were numerous younger and attractive girls topless but now few and those that do tend to be older. One reason often suggested is the rise of the internet including Facebook, Twitter etc together with digital photography, small cameras and phones that can take a decent long distance photo so far more likely a photo will appear one day.


I can understand the comments about the difference between being watched on cam and directly but do find it surprising that Irma doesn't find somewhere quieter to tan those whoppers joined by Ilona and Polya.

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Very true, it's the same here. 20-25 years ago a lot of girls went topless, now fewer and fewer and I fear the ones that do now are the same ones from 25 years ago. And in most cases, those years haven't been kind on them.

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