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Safety concerns?


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First thing I noticed when Michelle was new was her having a hairdryer in bed turned on to warm her, under the covers!
Second is the heater which she with no concern place between her commode and cabinet with maybe 2 inches of clearing on both sides while turned on.
Right now the heater is placed 1 inch away from her bed. And while some people are afraid to charge their tech during the night she was an extention cord with multiple outlets laying in her bed while sleeping.
I didn't assume any of these girls would take home any Nobel prizes but most of this is something you learn as a kid or it just logic to not put a hairdryer under your covers...

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On 1/10/2017 at 0:11 AM, wiseacres1 said:

I wouldn't worry about the chargers.. they take so little power that 50 of them would not overload the power bar.  The heaters do scare me 'tho. I wish they'd be more careful about them.

This is Real Life; stupidity is part of real life. 

Life is tough; it's tougher when you're stupid. John Wayne

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5 hours ago, wiseacres1 said:

Yeah, but having one or more of those girls burn to death on live "TV"... that's a bit much.....


It ain't Live by any stretch of the imagination; rlc has full control of the video feeds. If something goes awry, they see it long before you will. The apartments then quickly  go U M. this happened awhile ago when the water heater fritzed out Barca 1.

 I sure there are 'emergencies' that arise, as with any rental property......... RLC has a reputation to uphold. They don't want payers to see  THE BAD STUFF !

       There are members here that can also add 2 cents worth...... 

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Dunno why they would have had to go UM for a water heater problem... that's pretty common. Shit like that happens all the time and can be fun to watch, especially if there's water flying around. I'd rather see that than one of the tenants puking their guts up after a night out drinking.

Yeah, RLC might have full control of the feeds, but are they quick enough to pick up on it? It only takes a few seconds.

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