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Replay. Good value? or Rip-Off?


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Has anyone tried the new Replay facility?

My understanding is that you can add Replay at a cost of approx. 1USD/day to your existing premium Membership which has cost somewhere between 1 to 1.5 USD/day.   So Premium with Replay costs over 2 USD/day up to 2.5 USD/day.

Or you can wait for that unmissable event that you missed, and pay through the nose for a single day of Replay - 10 USD, so you can watch it.    A Cam show easily costs you more though, so some might pay up.

I was very keen on a replay facility, and I imagine once you've got it your viewing will become much more effective, since you should be able to search favourite girl best moments.   Or, you can go to bed safe in the knowledge that if something does actually happen you can catch it tomorrow.    No more waiting for hours wondering exactly when Leora will get her fingers wet.   Except, you've only got 24 hours to look back through.

Just lately there hasn't been anything I have regretted missing.     But my guess is we're going to see more one-off 'unmissable' events, perhaps at times many of us are likely to miss them.

But the price is high.   At the moment I'm thinking that if I want to spend extra money it will be on content I haven't already paid for.


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I spend most of my time sifting through Replay at the moment. It's good but could use some extra functionality like Fast-Forward/Rewind buttons and the ability to use Fijne Scrubbing on the Timeline to make selecting moments more specific. Right now you just have to select a moment and wait about 10 mins for anything to happen.

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