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which girl coming instead of lima in barcelona apt 1


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Hi kakre,

Nora is the Ancient Queen of the B1 house, who left over a year ago in a blaze of love and romance with her helpmeet Kiko to have a baby.   Some loved her, some thought she was overbearing and bossy; but she would have got Lara and Melissa into a bath together - and who knows where that might have lead!    And she would probably have dumped a blotto Lima over the balcony one dark night during an unexpected but arranged UM.

She reappeared with a handmaiden of surpassing loveliness to bolster her friend Aida, who had provoked the awesome ire of the Wicked Bitch Adele, we know not why.    Danaya was a party to the events at the time which may account for why Danaya this time went to B2.

The events can be found in the annals of B1, stored in the Archive, which can be found by descending through the Forum lists to the deep underbelly below Leora  and Paul.

Oh, and she makes the rules.    You'll note she goes straight into the best room; no messing about. 


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So while maybe there will be verbal fireworks visually is B1 now going to be as interesting as watching paint dry or grass grow?

Nora was in when I found RLC just under 2 years ago. I can't recall her showing much around the apartment. There was the odd bedroom romp with Kiko.

Jess will be in her room camming and just a repeat day after day - I note she is still stuck with the same room as Nora has the best one.

Nicole will be out with her guy, will Nora allow him in? If she is alone I guess she will use her toy but she has rarely been downstairs in less than a vest and shorts / big pants.

My interest jumped when Ilona, Anna, Irma then Danaya were around. A low point was when Vika's guy stayed but since then while dull periods and the month of Milena overall there has been reasonable visual interest.

Maybe this is the jolt I need to spend less time with RLC and RLCF ?


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