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Oh give a girl a tattoo and fuck up her life . but who is to blame here is it Thomas? or Vanessa? Maybe RLC they could have cut the feed. Right? Maybe it's a all of the above. No Matter We were all pretty pissed off for one reason. Not that she cheated on him,but the fact she choose to do it over the net. Now  that's the true meaning of a skank. A skank is lower than a damn skunk and none of you will willingly sleep with a skunk.And although I feel bad for him. He should have heard the footsteps in the dark. In other word seen this coming with the lesbo act in the bedroom  which i think was a ploy to get him thinking she wants les sex ,but in reality she wants dick AND SHE GOT IT. but for all who found humor in this . When you get home from working your ass of and you sit and pop open a fresh one. Think of Thomas. And than ask youselves do you here footsteps in the dark    


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