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  1. and now it's done Henry out and Mr. creampie in. I seen this coming when the Skank and Mr. creampie was in the room fucking and laughing at Henry.
  2. was just about to ask the same thing, yesterday she was posting vids of herself bating and stop soon as Tibor enter the room, dangerous game she playing, they only been married what a year?
  3. They were at the opening party at Scott and Sabrina two or three days ago which end badly and knock the apartment back into limbo. Dolly turns into a slut drunk when she drinks, she accidently falls on any willing dick or tongue, accept Webster, They won't be back D
  4. This child needs counseling, she is just something for Sky to fuck when her friends are not around. Trow in a sandwich while your at it
  5. Anybody know what the big fight was about last night, it was getting really heated before they pull the plug
  6. Well I don't know if all of you see what i see but Mira has broken the cardinal rule of swing she has fell in love with her sex partner the same guy who creampied her with Henry. my guess is they will not last much longer, one will exit soon. either Mira will pack up or Henry will. Sad, but true. Price you pay when you loan out your wife or when she fall for the next big dick. Bet Henry didn't see that cumming😉
  7. You pay for membership and soon you find yourselves that's what they give you
  8. or some of you guys with these girls contact can message them and tell them you want to be
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