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  1. Chat Room!!! "we haven't had a real Chat Room in all most 4yrs or more!!! I thought it was suppose to be a fun place to go and visit.
  2. What happen to RLC, here it is 2021 and where still viewing the same lame shit and hired whores doing the same scripted sex shows that seem to turn on the same 4 members!!! Can we at least get something new for the members who have to put up with this shit. Lately this site has been off my menu and I just study the apartments with out all the BS comments, but like any other normal person I have to check and see whats said every now and then, and guest what "the same shit"...lol....there is really nothing funny about RLC but very sad. Due to the fact that real people are dying from the viru
  3. Lets blow up the old ass place and rebuild from the grave up!!! LOL
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