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  1. Nelly and Bogdan at Gina's today, I am guessing someone's birthday party or gathering...."nice nice...but I do think that if Bogdan and Nelly would disappear off the stage of RLC for good these or those girls would have a much better time and wouldn't have to worry about an overseer looking over their backs all day or every other day, they seem to have also grown out of being any type of Voyeur material anyway."
  2. Don't feel bad guy, "I was once banned for almost 6 months 3 yrs ago for using profanity and calling one of the females in the RLC site a bitch!!!...lol..."though I don't hold it towards the staff for doing their job, but now it seems some members can say and get away with saying to other members that's not apart of their click almost anything in that Chat Room now days." Looking for a change "forget it." seems the new laws forbid any type of action unless seen with in a 12 to 24 hour period shown in the comments section of the chat room. The Grand Wizard...lol.."that you called him well con
  3. Trust me "Rubberman has heard that one before"......and by the way "Boot up or Boot out!!! LOL
  4. I agree with you 100%, but lets not forget our younger crew "Kira and Nina" they aren't doing shit either but giving us lots of sleep and off camera bull shitting. Don't get me wrong, I love those two, but they haven't been cutting the cake in a long long time....I think that they are way to young not to have some kind of sex drive...DAM!!!! Are they going to get a warning or well they do the bounce dance too? LOL
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