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  1. Yes I do agree with you "these two are way to young and may just be two of the youngest working with VHTV and only have sex maybe just twice a month of that. I have heard of 80 year old women having more...lol In their case when it comes to sex I don't believe its the marriage that's killing things I think that it may be with Kira too, she has always been the more of the tight and jealous type especially when they where at RLC and may not want to participate with Masha and limp dick Lex when it comes to a group thing...or even walking around the house nude in front of him...."and from the lo
  2. When at home "The very best of Nina and Kira" these girls should get some kind of award for there sleep sessions....I think they do it better then any VHTV worker on site!!! LOL
  3. Although this went on for about an hour, "I really don't know if she ever got an orgasm or not....but she is doing more then some at VHTV who has been around for months or years if that matters" LOL
  4. When you log into RLC and the same old crap is showing!! LOL
  5. Dam!!!, Nelly and Bogdan went from being the best couple on RLC to the best pimps on real life came. I think that they would be great if they would only get better girls or just stop using the same re-treads "tires" all the time. LOL
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