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  1. Apartment Topic for Adine & Carl. Note: We don't allow Camarads Uploads to Public Boards on xCamFan.com
  2. The Apartment name has been changed from Likka to Tata.
  3. The only thing is with consumer internet accounts with their ISP most plans come with unlimited usage of bandwidth. When you get into corporate internet accounts there is no such thing as unlimited usage of bandwidth. Corporate accounts pay for every bit of bandwidth being used. That's why there is limited usage on certain account types. Now a Paid Membership which is only $12 which works out to $1 a month helps support the site to keep it in operation which covers the operating costs.
  4. Another one in the running for the prestigious Darwin Award. 😁
  5. Voyeurhouse.com seems to now have 22 Apartments for viewing. Picture can be posted from there as we have neve had any confrontations with the DMCA with their website. They do offer free cams for viewing. (It's best to use Brave Browser when viewing their website unless one likes annoying pop ups). Voyeur-House.tv has free cams as well. Pictures and videos can be posted under the condition the voyeur-house..tv watermark must appear in the image posted. Otherwise it will get removed if it's not. Camarads.com does not allow any content from their site be posted. RLC content can be posted but it must be via Third Party Host Uploading.
  6. I don't see RLC unlocking the free cams anytime soon. They seem to have gone the route of Pay to Play. It does make some difference as no pictures or videos are being posted. If some do get posted it's going to be old material as nothing new will get posted unless someone is willing to lose their RLC subscription quickly. I said a couple of years back this day was going to come.
  7. It seems Cleo has departed the VHTV project.
  8. Topic for Arina & Pasha. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartment.
  9. It was 26 or 27 Apartments in 2019. When they shut the Russian Apartments there was 16 of them.
  10. The kind of girl that will give a guy hours of pleasure.
  11. Coming to collect in leu of rent. 😁
  12. Josie & Liam have departed the VHTV Project.
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