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  1. There are options on the Chat if one does not want to talk about RLC then that Member has the option to Ignore the ones that do. That way one would not see certain parts of a discussion on certain matters.
  2. The Chat is open to discuss anything one wants to talk about whether it be RLC, VHTV or other interests with the exception of No Religion or any Politics. Those two topics create nothing but hatred with others as no two people will ever share the same views With the Chat there are some options but not many if one wishes to use them. Such as Private Room but it's only limited to 5 Members to a room so there wouldn't be much of a chance to get a large group together for one certain Topic Discussion. If everything is discussed in the Main Chat then it would be a lot of scrolling up and down
  3. Windows 12 will be released on July 27, 2021. according to Microsoft's Website. It will be a free update that is download through Windows Updates.
  4. Thanks. If you do think of anything just post it here in this topic.
  5. As many know the Forum has been at an almost standstill pace for awhile now. I myself have tried endlessly to try and come up with ways to get things going on the RLC Topics with Pictures and Videos but each and every time I got something going the DMCA seemed to get in the way of making anything happen. VHTV Topics seem to get some action but more participation is needed. Maybe this Forum needs to go in a different direction. Anyone got some Suggestions for some new ideas and we'll go at it from there.
  6. Topic for Marfa & Jambo. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartment.
  7. Lia & Brock have departed the VHTV Project.
  8. Mira & Henry have taken a break for a little bit. They'll both be back together later on when they decide to resume the relationship.
  9. Alberto took him to the vet sometime in the evening on March 30th. I don't think anything happened to the dog as when Alberto returned home he went right to the Video games. The dog has trouble breathing at times so it's likely asthmatic.
  10. Mira & Henry have taken a pause with their relationship.
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