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  1. Goldie has left the building. Short & Sweet less than a full day.
  2. Anna has returned along with her sidekick Lola.
  3. Lola has returned after being away for 3 Years & 8 Months.
  4. They're not new. They have been on RLC in the past. It's Lola and Anna. Since RLC does not have them listed their stay must only be a brief one.
  5. Topic for Oxy & Turbo. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartment.
  6. Some members do have the add files option. It all depends on the type of membership one has.
  7. The Chat is only a plug-in which is controlled by coding jungle. They have made some major changes to it and the options available are not as plentiful as it once was with their previous versions.
  8. Posting can be anywhere but if posting images to RLC topics a Third Party Host needs to be used. The recommended one is mab.to the content stays posted for 72 Hours (3 Days). After the 3 Days the poster has the option to repost if they wish. If direct uploading is used in RLC topics then it's just a beaconing call for the DMCA and we have had our share of that. Direct uploading can be used on any topic except for RLC and Camarads
  9. It's like that with a lot of them. Girls are the same when getting their pussy eaten. No Moans and Groans & Ooh's and Ah's just a face stuck in a phone.
  10. Their posts in the chat seem to add to their post count but they would not add points to their profile as the posts would not be a physical post in the forum directly. Even if they made a chat topic in the forum directly most chatters only hang in for a couple of hours and then they seem to leave for a bit and do something else. Going over the same thing repetitiously on a daily basis will get quite boring. The Barca Girls are not inventive when it comes to thinking of ideas to do for excitement. I'm more inclined to start pushing VHTV more. With VHTV there are a lot more apartments and a few
  11. The cost of the Premium Membership also gives them access to the Attachments placed for Picture & Video Content, Gallery as well as other Premium spots of the forum that regular members cannot access. The cost of $20 USD is for 1 year of Premium Access which works out to $1.66 cents a month. There is quite a bit of expense involved in operating a forum and the Premium Memberships help cover the costs or these forums would just not exist.
  12. At Cam Caps we have a points system. Each post a member makes gets them 5 points and if they create a new topic they receive 25 points. After the member accumulates so many points they can go to the Members Shop and make purchases on items that are in the members shop. The most popular item is 2,500 points for a 10 day trial of a Cam Caps Premium Membership. After the 10 Days is done the membership changes back to being a regular member. It may take a bit to accumulate that many points but it's an encouragement to get members to post.
  13. This apartment has been renamed Capo.
  14. Marfa & Jambo have departed the VHTV Project.
  15. Kamilla & Ilyas have departed the VHTV Project.
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